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In Christian Kabbalah, Johann Reuchlin (1455–1522) considered the 72 names - made pronounceable by adding the suffixes "El" or "Yah" - to be the names of angels: individuated products of God's will. He lists these "72 Angels of the Shem HaMephorash" in his De Arte Cabbalistica (1517), which greatly influenced later Hermetic works including those of the Golden Dawn. More info on the Shem HaMephorash wikipedia page.

Important note on sources used.

The material here is taken from The Science of the Kabbalah (English title) by Lazare Lenain (1823; digitized by Google Books), passed through OCRmyPDF (output.txt), and translated with Google Translate. This was done in an effort to provide a Copyright-free version of this material, however, a much better translation exists:

We highly recommend the translation by Piers A. Vaughan (Amazon link), who has not only provided an outstanding work, but also provided free, high quality images of the sigils on his blog, in this post and this post.

The sigils will be added at a later time.

Angel (genius):Vehuiah | והויה
God Name:Jehovah
Attribute:God is High and Exalted above all things.
Angelic order:Seraphim | שרפים
Governs:0-5° of Aries (1st quinant)
Mar 21 - Mar 25
Presiding Days:Mar 20, Apr 30, Aug 11, Oct 22, Jan 2

Original text
I'r, genius, Vehuiah והויה. Its attribute is interpreted (God high and “exalted above all things). He does-mine on the Hebrews. The name of God, according to this language, is named Jehovah. He governs the first ray of the East in the spring season, that is to say the five first degrees of, the sphere which begin on March 20 at midnight until the 24th, inclusive, corresponding to the first decade of the sacred calendar, and at the first genius, named Chontaré, under the influence of Mars: this genius, and those which follow, up to the 8th, belong to the first order of angels that the Orthodox call the choir of seraphim. He lives in the region of fire; his sign is the ram, and he presides over the following five days: March 20, April 31, August II, October 22 and January 2; the invocation is made towards the Orient, from precisely midnight until 20 minutes past midnight, to get lights. It is by virtue of these names divine that one becomes illuminated with the spirit of God; we must pronounce them at midnight precisely until midnight 20 mid-nut:s, reciting 16 third verse of the 3rd psalm. (And you Domine susceplor meus et gloria mea 61 exallans caput meum). You must have your talisman prepared according to the principles principles of cabalistic art. (See chapter 8 on this subject.) The person who is born under the influence of this genius has the took subtle; she is gifted with great sagacity, passion- born for the sciences and the arts, capable of undertaking and to perform the most difficult things; she will love the state military, because of the influence of Mars; she will have burst of energy being damaged by fire. The evil genius influences turbulent men; he quickness and anger dominate. (1) See the book entitled Tbrezcze, or the only Way of Divine and human sciences, edition of year 7, page 226.
Angel (genius):Jeliel | יליאל
God Name:Aydy
Attribute:Helpful God
Governs:5-10° of Virgo (2nd quinant)
Mar 26 - Mar 30
Presiding Days:Mar 21, Jun 1, Aug 12, Oct 23, Jan 3

Original text
2° Jeliel יליאל. His attribute (helpful God). 11 do- sure mine Turkey (these people give God the name Aydy). Its radius starts from 16 6* degree up to . 10%, inclusive, corresponding to the influence of genius . named Asican (see the sacred calendar), and at the first first decade. He presides over the following 165 days: March 21, June 1, August 12, October 23, January 3*. This genius is invoked to appease popular seditions. laries, and to obtain victory against those who attack you attack unfairly. The request must be pronounced with the name of the genius, and recite 16 20° verse of Psalm 21. (Tu autem Domine ne eldngaveris auxillum tuum a me ad defenseem meam conspice). The favorable hour includes starts from midnight 20 minutes until midnight 40. This genius dominates over kings and princes; he maintains their subjects in obedience; it influences the generation of all 165 beings that exist in 16 animal kingdoms; he restores peace among spouses and marital fidelity. Those who are born under this influence have a cheerful spirit, ma- pleasant and gallant manners; they will be passionate about it sex. The contrary genius dominates everything that is harmful to animated beings; he likes to separate spouses by pushing them aside . 06 their duties; he inspires a taste for celibacy and the bad ‘good morals.
Angel (genius):Sitael | סיטאל
Attribute:God, the hope of all creatures.
Governs:10-15° of Aquarius (3rd quinant)
Mar 31 - Apr 4
Presiding Days:Mar 22, Jun 2, Aug 13, Oct 24, Jan 4

Original text
Sitael סיטאל. His attribute (God, the hope all creatures.) Its radius starts from 16 5 degree of .1 500616 up to 15°., inclusively corres- laying in the second decade and the genius named Chon- stained, under the influence of the sun; he presides over the following days: March 22, June 2, August 13, October 24, January 4. We invoke this genius against 165 adversities; we pronounce the request with the divine names and the 2nd verse of the psalm 90. (Dicet Domino: suceblor meus es tu et refugium meum: Deus meus, sperabo in eum.) The favorable hour starts from midnight 40 minutes until one o'clock. He dominates over nobility, magnanimity and great em- plows; it protects against weapons and ferocious beasts. There no one born under this influence loves the truth; she will keep her word, and she will be happy to oblige those who will need its services. The contrary genius dominates hypocrisy, ingratitude and perjury.

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